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Offering you technical asbestos specification preparation for project operations. Specification sections available in National Master Construction Specification format or may be tailored to your own custom format. Please contact us to discuss your needs, get a free estimate, or schedule an appointment:


Purpose for Using an Asbestos Specification

Specifications (specs) are contract documents that detail project requirements. Specs minimize communication/interpretation errors by prescribing in writing what is required on a project.

The following potential project issues are reduced by using specs:

  1. Performance Assurance
  2. Contract Disputes
  3. Regulatory Compliance
  4. Health & Safety

Questions related to any of the aforementioned can be easily answered by referring to the spec documents.Asbestos Specification Writing




Specification Types

OCS can provide you with “performance” or “means and methods” specifications.


Performance Asbestos Specification

Performance specs detail the standards/requirements to be followed while carrying out project works. An asbestos abatement contractor has the freedom to conduct the work in a manner that they see fit while adhering to the project needs. One benefit of using this type of specification is that an experienced contractor will typically know a cost effective approach that is in compliance with the work requirements. Performance specs are the most common type of specs used on projects.


Means & Methods Specification

This type of spec details a specific method for carrying out project work. Abatement contractors must follow the specific procedures detailed in this contract document. For example, you can state what specific tools are to be used, how they are to be used, and other specifics. This type of spec is beneficial in circumstances where one acceptable method is preferable to another acceptable method. These specs are ideal for projects that require more control.



Asbestos Specification Formats

OCS can provide you with National Master Specification (NMS) or customized formats.


National Master Specification (NMS) Format

NMS format was created by Public Works and Government Services Canada and is currently managed by the National Research Counsel. This format has been in use for over 25 years in the Canadian construction industry. The content reflects the expertise of many of Canada’s foremost authorities on specifications, contract documents, and construction technology. The NMS format is continuously reviewed and updated. This type of spec is comprehensible and is the most used specification format in Canada. For more info regarding the NMS format please see Canadian National Master Construction Specification (NMS).


Customized Specification Format

Customized specs are prepared based on client specific formatting. Technical asbestos specifications can be tailored to almost any formatting that a specific client utilizes.


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