Asbestos Testing Services

Asbestos testing Ottawa, Ontario. Services for buildings and construction projects. Asbestos services are offered from Cornwall to Kingston, Ontario.

Testing of asbestos is mandatory according to the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA). Essential before construction, renovation, or demolition in Ottawa, and Ontario. The purpose of OHSA is to protect workers and Site occupants.

We have 18 years of experience offering asbestos testing & inspection services in Ottawa. Our clients include government, Universities, property management firms, contractors, social housing corporations, insurance companies, mechanical consultants, architectural firms, and homeowners.

Our services are conflict-free. We are certified, professional consultants for asbestos testing. We are not abatement (asbestos removal) contractors who lack the proper qualifications, training, and insurance for testing.

You can obtain a free estimate for our services or further information. Please contact us at or 613-884-9674.

Asbestos Services Include:

  • Material Testing
  • Ambient Air Testing
  • Clearance Air Testing
  • Surface & Dust Testing
  • Exposure Testing

Bulk Material Testing – Ottawa

According to OHSA, Designated substance assessment including asbestos testing is mandatory in Ottawa, Ontario prior to:

  1. “Construction of a building, bridge, structure, industrial establishment, mining plant, shaft, tunnel, caisson, trench, excavation, highway, railway, street, runway, parking lot, cofferdam, conduit, sewer, water main, service connection, telegraph, telephone or electrical cable, pipeline, duct or well, or any combination thereof”
  2. “Moving of a building or structure”
  3. “Any work or undertaking, or any lands or appurtenances used in connection with construction”

Before beginning a project, Project Owners must carry out the following Ottawa, Ontario according to OHSA:

  1. Provide a list of all designated substances including asbestos to potential contractors reasonably known to be present at the project Site;
  2. Include the above info as part of all tenders; and
  3. Ensure any prospective contractor has received this list of designated substances before entering a binding contract.

Project-Specific Assessment – Materials

Asbestos inspection and testing of potential asbestos containing materials for a specific project. Excludes testing of areas outside the project area. If the materials are found to not contain asbestos then clients likely save money. Testing for asbestos is mandatory in Ottawa, Ontario before retaining contractors.

Complete Assessment – Materials

Asbestos Testing & Inspection of potential asbestos throughout a facility. Future project and project planning delays are minimized. Usually results in less effort for facility managers. Some materials are ruled out as asbestos containing and result in fewer management costs. All buildings (excluding residential) in Ottawa, Ontario are supposed to have “Asbestos Management Plans” as of 2007. A baseline asbestos management plan with no asbestos testing is acceptable.

Asbestos Testing – Air

Air testing is conducted in Ottawa, Ontario for the following reasons:

  • Test for air contamination.
  • Ensure contamination does not occur outside an enclosed work area.
  • Check the effectiveness of respirators.
  • Ensure work area cleanliness.

All testing is carried out by qualified testing & monitoring professionals.

air asbestos Testing
Asbestos Air Sampling Pump and Cassettes

Clearance Asbestos Testing – Air

Measures if airborne asbestos concentrations are acceptable, following disturbance of asbestos. Asbestos air testing is a regulatory requirement following asbestos abatement operations in many cases. Carried out to verify compliance with regulatory and guidance standards for the removal or disturbance of hazardous materials. Clearance testing is done by collecting representative air samples and submitting them for 3rd party accredited laboratory analysis. Removal of protective measures may not take place until the concentration of asbestos is acceptable. Control measures are in place to protect workers, building occupants, or others from asbestos.

Ambient Testing – Air

Measures if asbestos is present in ambient air. Testing of air outside of an asbestos work area. Asbestos air testing can detect asbestos-laden air that may be leaking from an airtight containment.  Area air testing is often a requirement for government departments during construction. This type of screening is used by project owners/managers to ensure the protection of Site occupants located outside a work area.

Testing for Exposure – Air

Measures the exposure of an individual to asbestos, usually a worker. This type of testing is typically carried out to ensure that respirators worn by workers are providing the required level of protection.

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