Asbestos: Gananoque contractor jailed

A contractor who was hired to remove asbestos from a Gananoque home has been sent to jail. He was also ordered to pay $45,000 in fines and victim surcharges. All this because he illegally removed asbestos. A job that is typically worth $10, 000 in Ottawa.

He was convicted for violations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario and Ontario Regulation 278/05 (278) for:

  1. Lack of proper training –  For more info see Section 19 and Section 20
  2. Improper separation from occupied area and decontamination procedures – Section 18
  3. No protective equipment, Inadequate signage, and waste containersSection 15
  4. No notice of project to Ministry of Labour – Section 11
  5. Illegal dumping of wasteSection 17, O. Reg. 347/90, Environmental Protection Act

The defendant was found to misrepresent himself and deceive his client intentionally.

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