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OCS offers designated substance reports (DSR’s)for renovation,
demolition, Designated Substance Reportsor alteration projects located in Ottawa and surrounding locations.

Our DSR’s are designed for building and construction operations.

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Law requires designated substance reports for all building renovations, alterations, and demolition activities. The purpose of designated substance reports is to protect workers, occupants, and others from exposure to hazardous materials.

Creating a designated substance report involves visual inspection and testing to identify any of the 11 hazardous materials designated in the province of Ontario.

11 Ontario Designated Substances


Project Specific Designated Substance Reports

A designated substance report can be tailored to a specific project area which saves costs. For example, if one is renovating a kitchenette, a designated substance report is only needed for the specific area where hazardous materials may be disturbed and not the entire building.


Full Designated Substance Reports

It is beneficial for certain Sites to have a full designated substance report. Larger facilities in both the private and public sector typically will have a full report. Having full DSR reports allows property managers to quickly deal with emergencies such as water damage, flooding, or suspected microbial contamination.


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