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What is Lead?

Lead Paint Testing
Interior Lead-Based Paint, Poor Condition

Lead is a chemical element that was used in a number of applications including the production of paint, pipes, and ammunition. Lead is an ingestion and inhalation hazard. It is a neurotoxin that can accumulate in the body and result in nervous system damage and other significant health effects.


Do You Need Lead Paint Testing?

You may need lead paint testing for:

  1. Regulatory Compliance
  2. Planning Project Work
  3. Worker/Occupant Protection
  4. Address Concerns of Lead Exposure
  5. Buying or Selling a Building/Home


Paints made before 1950 contained large amounts of lead. In fact, some paint made in the 1940s contained up to 50% lead by dry weight. If your home was built before 1960, it was likely painted with lead-based paint. Since the 1950’s, the use of lead has been more common in exterior paint than interior paint. Subsequently, the use of lead in paints decreased significantly. Currently, under the Hazardous Products Act, lead levels in indoor paint are limited to 0.5 per cent by weight. There are proposed regulatory changes for both interior and exterior consumer paints to limit lead in paints to 0.06 per cent by dry weight. In homes built after 1980, there is little need for concern about lead levels in interior paints. All post-1992 consumer paint produced in Canada or the US for indoor use is virtually lead-free.


– Health Canada



Lead Paint Testing Methodology

Lead-Based Paint, Designated Substance Surveying, Lead Paint Testing
Lead-Based Paint

A qualified consultant carries out lead paint testing using the following methodology:

  1. Conducting a visual inspection of building surface coating(s) of concern.
  2. Collection of representative samples of potential Lead containing paint.
  3. Samples are analysed using a 3rd party accredited Laboratory.
  4. Preparation of a formal report detailing findings, regulatory requirements, and appropriate recommendations.


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Lead Resources

1. Health Canada – Lead Information Package

2. Ministry of Labour – Lead on Construction Projects

3. Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario – Lead Guideline for Construction, Renovation, Maintenance, or Repair



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