Abatement & Remediation Project Oversight

Ottawa Contaminant Solutions offers you abatement project oversight for projects involving asbestos, mould, lead, designated substances, and hazardous materials. Monitoring includes compliance and clearance inspections and testing. Third-party control is best industry practice during projects that involve the possible exposure of workers, occupants, or others due to hazardous materials.



Project Oversight Inspections

During abatement projects third party reviews are beneficial. Controls ensure project work is complete safely and acceptably. Inspection records provide a third party confirmation that work activities were carried out appropriately limiting potential liability. We offer the following types of controls during project work:


Pre-Contamination Inspections

A review of work area control measures before the disturbance of designated or potentially designated substances or hazardous materials. Authorization is given to contractors to proceed once health and safety or environmental control measures are confirmed to be in place through visual inspection or testing.


Compliance Inspections

Inspecting work area actions and procedures compliance during abatement or remediation operations. These inspections are unannounced and unscheduled Site visits of the work area. These inspections are to ensure the use of proper procedures and control measures at all times.


Post-Contamination Inspections

An inspection of the work area following the disturbance of potential contaminants or hazardous materials. Performed before removing work area health and safety control measures. Contractors are authorized to remove control measures when the work area is found to be free of contaminants by visual inspection or testing.



Project Oversight Air & Surface Testing


Clearance Testing

Carried out to verify compliance with regulatory and guidance standards for the removal or disturbance of hazardous materials. Clearance testing is conducted by collecting air or surface samples and submitting them for laboratory analysis. If a high concentration of the contaminant is detected then further work is needed before control measures removal. Control measures are in place to protect workers, building occupants or others from contaminants.


Area Air Testing

Testing to measure airborne contaminants in ambient air. This testing is often a requirement of government departments during construction and in manufacturing where contaminants can become airborne. This type of screening is used by property owners/managers to assure occupants that air in their work areas or residential units are not contaminated.


Area Surface Testing

Used to measure if surfaces are contaminated. Detection of contaminants on surfaces in adjacent areas will occur if hazardous materials have been disturbed without using proper controls and procedures. This type of testing is often used to measure the severity of contamination after possible disturbance of a hazardous material.

Exposure Testing

Used to measure worker exposure and ensure that personal protective equipment and engineering controls are adequately reducing exposure to an acceptable Level.


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